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Enjoy hands-free video calls, live streaming, and photo shooting, while Tipe keeps you perfectly framed without the need for apps or complex setups. It's your passport to effortless, professional-level content, making you the center of attention in every shot.

No App Required

Say goodbye to the hassle of downloading apps or dealing with Bluetooth connections. Tipe has a built-in camera that intelligently tracks you, making it compatible with popular video apps like Facebook, Zoom, and more.

AI Face and Body Tracking

Tipe's advanced AI system automatically recognizes and tracks your face or body, ensuring you stay perfectly framed in the shot. Whether you're on a video call, live streaming, or capturing photos, Tipe keeps you in focus.

360º Rotatable Phone Holder

Choose between horizontal and vertical camera modes, and fine-tune the angle to capture the perfect shot. With a 105º field of view and rapid 42º rotation per second, Tipe ensures you're the star of the show.


Tipe is a game-changer! The face tracking feature works like magic, and it's so easy to use with no apps or Bluetooth connections. I'm a vlogger, and this has seriously upped my content quality.

John D.

I'm a frequent traveler, and Tipe has become my travel companion for capturing memorable moments. The 360º rotation and quick tracking keep me in the frame, whether I'm solo or with friends. Highly recommended!

Emily W.

Tipe is a lifesaver for my online fitness classes. I can move freely during my workouts, and it never loses track of me. The battery life is impressive too; I can go through multiple sessions without recharging.

Sarah A.